Michael Tippett, co-founder of True North, a Vancouver based company working to help foreign born US Workers avoid Trump and migrate north while maintaining employment with their US based company.  Photographed for L'Obs Magazine.


Behind The Scenes | 40th Annual Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival

Thanks to The Camera Store for sponsoring me for this project and putting a Fuji X100T in my hands. I couldn't have documented this iconic event in mountain film without this camera and their help. A more in depth review of my time with the X100T can be found here. The 2015 Banff Mountain Film Festival is currently on a world tour at a venue near you.

Welcome to Survival Media Agency

I'm happy to announce that I have been named the newest photographer to the Berkeley, California based Survival Media Agency (SMA). SMA is a global team of media-makers working to bring attention to the climate change movement around the world. I am sincerely looking forward to contributing my skills and attention to such a great organization and cause. More info on Survival Media Agency here.


Happy to work with photographer Kamil Bialous to photograph Michel Laberge, CEO and plasma physicist at General Fusion for the Globe and Mail's Report on Business magazine. At General Fusion Laberge and his team are building a prototype fusion reactor that mimics the processes of the sun to produce cheap, clean and abundant energy.

Can't argue with that.

NUNAVUT GOLD: A moving picture story

I was recently invited was invited to spend a week at Prosperity Goldfields' property to tell the story as their summer exploration team searches for gold in Nunavut, Canada's northernmost territory. Take a contemporary look at the wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and lifestyle that surrounds this timeless hunt.

NUNAVUT | From Summer to Winter |

This barren and beautiful place called Kiyuk Lake is just one of many bodies of water that dot the stark Nunavut landscape. It's a thousand miles from nowhere and I'm happy to have visited it twice this year during two very opposing seasons. At Kiyuk Lake, Prosperity Goldfields operates a fully stocked and functional camp with all the comforts of modern life in the hunt for northern gold. The camp is supported by many supply runs from planes of all sizes with an ice runway handling large aircraft in the winter, and the thawed lake requiring smaller float plane assisted deliveries in the summer. However, with supplies leaner in the summer time, the hungry angler need not worry, as most of these lakes (Kiyuk include) have never seen a fishmerman's hook. As I witnessed, there are plenty of fish to be caught, and I'm sure that a cigarette butt would be sufficient for bait.

Here's hoping to a few more trips in 2013. Maybe I'll bring some cigarettes.

11/11 - Honouring Those Who Have Given Their Lives

One year ago today I covered our National Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Ottawa for Canadian Geographic magazine. This was my first opportunity during my photography internship to show the editors what I could bring home from an assignment. I had never attended an 11/11 ceremony previously with more than a few hundred people and here there were thousands willing to freeze their bodies to honour Canada's fallen. I was both intrigued and awed by the many faces I met. Below are some of my favourite images from the day.

Full audio/visual experience of the ceremonies click here.

Noorduyn Norseman, Nunavut

After shooting some very buggy photos up in Nunavut this past july, I had a great flight out from a remote camp on an awesome Norrduyn Norseman airplane. It was a 6 am departure with fantastic light over the beautiful Nunavut landscape. Flying over you realize that everything looks quite peaceful until you have your feet on the ground and the black flies close in on you. The Norseman ceased production in the late 50's and my pilot told me that there are only a handful still in operation in the world. Apparently it's kind of an art to keep these planes going so I count myself as lucky to have flown in one. This particular one has been "metalfied", which means its original fabric (yes fabric!) exterior has been retrofitted with metal. I would've loved to experience what flying in a fabric covered airplane would be like, but I'll take this in the meantime.

Photo of the Every Other Day 09.24.12

O Gretzky, where art thou? I can't say that I'm much of a hockey fan, but as a fan of sport I want to pay tribute to the folks who are definitely missing their ice time right now with the NHL lockout. This photo is from one of my first assignments for Canadian Geographic magazine, where I covered the 2012 NHL All Star Fan Fair at the Ottawa Convention centre.

For the full gallery click here.