India Within: A short skate film by Brent Novak

I love when I find action sports videos that are about so much more than the "action" or the "sports". For me it's often about the environment and the in-between moments that make a photograph, film, or otherwise. India Within, by filmmaker Brett Novak, balances these aspects nicely and showcases some creative skating by Kilian Martin in an unlikely environment. More of Brett Novak's work can be found at

Joy Ride | A short film shot entirely on the Nikon D800

It's about that time when I'm thinking of upgrading my camera gear. With the current client need for video it just makes sense to have a DSLR that can shoot both video and stills, and the Nikon D800 may be just the body for me. I've always loved film and am excited at the possibility of moving between the two mediums with one camera body and set of lenses. Check out this sample short film shot with a Nikon D800 and Nikkor lenses. The ending may surprise you.

NASA Photographer & Astronaut Donald Pettit Shoots In Space

I've always been intrigued by anything space and here's the closest example of something I could seemingly contribute to future NASA missions (minus of course the qualifications necessary to be an astronaut). In any case, I'll keep dreaming and you can watch the vid to learn about Donald Pettit's work, equipment, and what it takes to spend 370 days aboard the world's most expensive, orbiting, mobile home. This one is seriously upscale.

[Found this via Chase is one of my favourite photographer's on everything from the business end to the creative end of the industry. He is the strongest advocate I know of sharing knowledge and getting out of the protectionist bubble that many artists are stuck in. More than several times have I read something on his blog that's kept me going in this uncertain business. Check him out.]