Photo of the Every Other Day 01.12.14

Sometimes going through old files can be a real joy. I came across this from a couple years back, which was taken when I was interning in Ottawa for Canadian Geographic magazine. Pictured here is a hopeful competitor in the Ottawa 67s hockey club's annual Wiener Dog Race. One game a year, during second-intermision, these little yelpers dash from one end of the rink to the other in the hopes for wiener dog supremacy.

A hopeful challenger in the Ottawa 67s annual Wiener Dog Race, Ottawa, Ontario.

Photo of The Every Other Day 10.15.12

South Columbia Search & Rescue(rs) Allan Moreau & Shilo the dog are training for the upcoming winter season. Shilo needs to be in great shape to get to people in distress quickly and efficiently, insuring the best chance possible to save their lives. Allan ran her ass off when I met them this morning. Shilo gets an A++ for cardio.

Photo of The Every Other Day 10.12.12

I'm going through many tree planting images right now in preparation for a presentation with Charlotte Gill on her award-winning book Eating Dirt: Deep Forest, Big Timber and Life with the Tree-planting Tribe at the upcoming Banff Film & Book Festival. My images will be accompanying her forty minute presentation where she will be talking about her book and tree planting as a whole. If you're in Banff to check out the festival you can catch Charlotte Gill and my photos on November 1st at 10am in the Max Bell Auditorium. I'll also be volunteering at the festival for the week so I may just usher you in to the show.

Photo of the Every Other Day 09.24.12

O Gretzky, where art thou? I can't say that I'm much of a hockey fan, but as a fan of sport I want to pay tribute to the folks who are definitely missing their ice time right now with the NHL lockout. This photo is from one of my first assignments for Canadian Geographic magazine, where I covered the 2012 NHL All Star Fan Fair at the Ottawa Convention centre.

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