Michael Tippett, co-founder of True North, a Vancouver based company working to help foreign born US Workers avoid Trump and migrate north while maintaining employment with their US based company.  Photographed for L'Obs Magazine.


In Conversation: Joanne Siderius

What is a naturalist? I recently sat down with the West Kootenay EcoSociety's Senior Naturalist and Biologist Joanne Siderius to ask her what being a naturalist means to her. Her description is one of love for the outdoors and the importance of sharing joy and educating others on the conservation of our natural world.

Live Metal Studio | Dew Tour

Keith Berens and Live Metal Studio have executed some of the action sports world's most prestigious awards. From Travis Rice and Gigi Rüf at the Red Bull Ultranatural to Mark McMorris at the Dew Tour, these athletes have all held unique creations from this humble mountain workshop located in Nelson, British Columbia. In this short film Berens and his crew design and forge the newest awards for the 2013 Dew Tour. Watch the action live at www.dewtour.com till December 15th.

UPDATE | Knowledge Network's Shorts Competition

I'm currently two days away from pitching my short film project to the Knowledge Network and have been hard at work this last month researching and gathering information pertaining to my project.

In the mound of information I came across 93 year old "Buddy" Devito of Fruitvale, B.C., whom I interviewed and photographed for the preliminary part of my project. Mr. Devito has a story to tell and I hope to be the one to help tell it. Stay tuned.


Francesco "Buddy" Devito. Fruitvale, B.C.


Following up on this post from January, I wanted to give these gifts to my friends Anisa & Trevor to celebrate their new twin girls.

11/11 - Honouring Those Who Have Given Their Lives

One year ago today I covered our National Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Ottawa for Canadian Geographic magazine. This was my first opportunity during my photography internship to show the editors what I could bring home from an assignment. I had never attended an 11/11 ceremony previously with more than a few hundred people and here there were thousands willing to freeze their bodies to honour Canada's fallen. I was both intrigued and awed by the many faces I met. Below are some of my favourite images from the day.

Full audio/visual experience of the ceremonies click here.

Photo of The Every Other Day 10.15.12

South Columbia Search & Rescue(rs) Allan Moreau & Shilo the dog are training for the upcoming winter season. Shilo needs to be in great shape to get to people in distress quickly and efficiently, insuring the best chance possible to save their lives. Allan ran her ass off when I met them this morning. Shilo gets an A++ for cardio.

Polaroid SX-70

Recently I went through some old film and photos and found these Polaroid SX-70 prints. I hardly use this camera anymore since Polaroid phased out it's SX-70 "Time Zer0" film in 2006, but finding these photos made me remember how fun it was to use. Simplicity at it's best! Compose, click, and wait for the image to pop up instantly. Picking up the reins in 2010, a group called The Impossible Project purchased the production machinery from Polaroid and opened up shop in the Netherlands to produce their own versions of compatible instant film. So with the emergence of TIP I think I'll be trying it out again.

The Polaroid SX-70 camera dates from the late 70's to early 80's and has became a cult classic with photographers ever since.

Lea Needles Ferry sx70
Lea Needles Ferry sx70
viktor-Planting sx70 01
viktor-Planting sx70 01
Viktor Wasteland SX70
Viktor Wasteland SX70