Noorduyn Norseman, Nunavut

After shooting some very buggy photos up in Nunavut this past july, I had a great flight out from a remote camp on an awesome Norrduyn Norseman airplane. It was a 6 am departure with fantastic light over the beautiful Nunavut landscape. Flying over you realize that everything looks quite peaceful until you have your feet on the ground and the black flies close in on you. The Norseman ceased production in the late 50's and my pilot told me that there are only a handful still in operation in the world. Apparently it's kind of an art to keep these planes going so I count myself as lucky to have flown in one. This particular one has been "metalfied", which means its original fabric (yes fabric!) exterior has been retrofitted with metal. I would've loved to experience what flying in a fabric covered airplane would be like, but I'll take this in the meantime.