NUNAVUT | From Summer to Winter |

This barren and beautiful place called Kiyuk Lake is just one of many bodies of water that dot the stark Nunavut landscape. It's a thousand miles from nowhere and I'm happy to have visited it twice this year during two very opposing seasons. At Kiyuk Lake, Prosperity Goldfields operates a fully stocked and functional camp with all the comforts of modern life in the hunt for northern gold. The camp is supported by many supply runs from planes of all sizes with an ice runway handling large aircraft in the winter, and the thawed lake requiring smaller float plane assisted deliveries in the summer. However, with supplies leaner in the summer time, the hungry angler need not worry, as most of these lakes (Kiyuk include) have never seen a fishmerman's hook. As I witnessed, there are plenty of fish to be caught, and I'm sure that a cigarette butt would be sufficient for bait.

Here's hoping to a few more trips in 2013. Maybe I'll bring some cigarettes.