Happy to work with photographer Kamil Bialous to photograph Michel Laberge, CEO and plasma physicist at General Fusion for the Globe and Mail's Report on Business magazine. At General Fusion Laberge and his team are building a prototype fusion reactor that mimics the processes of the sun to produce cheap, clean and abundant energy.

Can't argue with that.

In Conversation: Joanne Siderius

What is a naturalist? I recently sat down with the West Kootenay EcoSociety's Senior Naturalist and Biologist Joanne Siderius to ask her what being a naturalist means to her. Her description is one of love for the outdoors and the importance of sharing joy and educating others on the conservation of our natural world.

Photo of the Every Other Day 01.12.14

Sometimes going through old files can be a real joy. I came across this from a couple years back, which was taken when I was interning in Ottawa for Canadian Geographic magazine. Pictured here is a hopeful competitor in the Ottawa 67s hockey club's annual Wiener Dog Race. One game a year, during second-intermision, these little yelpers dash from one end of the rink to the other in the hopes for wiener dog supremacy.

A hopeful challenger in the Ottawa 67s annual Wiener Dog Race, Ottawa, Ontario.

L.A. Story

I spent a few weeks in Los Angeles over December and was constantly absorbed in the different visuals everywhere around me; I guess it's when we're somewhere different than our everyday surroundings that things can look so interesting. Here are a few of the details that I brought home with me. Full gallery here

Live Metal Studio | Dew Tour

Keith Berens and Live Metal Studio have executed some of the action sports world's most prestigious awards. From Travis Rice and Gigi Rüf at the Red Bull Ultranatural to Mark McMorris at the Dew Tour, these athletes have all held unique creations from this humble mountain workshop located in Nelson, British Columbia. In this short film Berens and his crew design and forge the newest awards for the 2013 Dew Tour. Watch the action live at www.dewtour.com till December 15th.

In Conversation: Live Metal Studio

Metal artist Keith Berens has put his unique work in the hands of some of the biggest names in action sports. As lead designer and creative head of Live Metal Studio, he's articulated custom trophies for championship events such as Travis Rice's Ultranatural, the Red Bull Rampage, Whistler's Crankworx, and the Dew Tour. The list goes further but in short, Berens has put his indelible and artistic stamp on many events with his work. Here he comments about the often challenging and rewarding nature of working in an artistic medium and the desire to constantly strive for originality and inspiration.

NUNAVUT GOLD: A moving picture story

I was recently invited was invited to spend a week at Prosperity Goldfields' property to tell the story as their summer exploration team searches for gold in Nunavut, Canada's northernmost territory. Take a contemporary look at the wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and lifestyle that surrounds this timeless hunt.